A Photoshop Question.


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I was wondering how to make the black background from this picture transparant; http://www.pcleek.com/images/stories/WALLPAPERS/collections/fire scull400.jpg.

Or just another color doesnt mater, becaus cutting it out with the cut tool doenst look nice.

Somebody know's this?

P.S. Read the 4th comment, I'm no noob with photoshop so i dont need comments like magic tool. That doesnt remove the black, well it does for some part... but it makes the picture ugly.

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Guys im not stupid. Using the pen tool or magic tool doesnt work. It doesnt give a nice effect.

If just want the black gone, but still have the nice fire shape. If you use magic tool or pen tool you get these squar, straight line shapes. That's ugly.


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Many different ways to try this.. But the first one I would try personally would be to
quickmask the area using the brush at different flow and opacity settings to get the desired effect.
Experiment with Brush shapes.. but I always seem to go back to ol reliable round brush with a soft edge.
I could go into alot more detail.. but the quick simple answer is Quickmask mode.
Copy and Paste into another layer and remove the background.
Or you could leave a duplicate background in place and adjust the hue/saturation to get the desired color. And possibly blend using a blending mode/ opacity adjustment.
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I think TomsSound has a better explanation, because i am thinking if you have the layers still and the black background is one of them, delete it, if not then...i have no clue. When it comes to stuff like this i zoom in 600% and use the eraser to get rid of the background, one pixel at a time.