How to make free xbox 360 games


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Wonder how many people are really going to try that?

Or how many people are going to go into EXTREME detail of how it can't work...


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Lies All Lies!!!

This Is My Invention!

he stole my ideas!

how dare this be allowed to circulate on t3h interwebs


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Does anyone have a etch-a-sketch that I can borrow???
I need it to try something.

If you do pm me ty. :)


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I love how the youtube comments are "FAKE!"

Well no duh. I knew from the start when i saw that etch a sketch thing that it was fake.
Don't count it out till you try it...

I just got my machine in from the guy (I only paid 60) and used a 100 pack spindle I bought from Newegg of DVDRs, and now I have 100 Xbox 360 games and a hand cramp from writing with the specially designed game recognition ultra high def pwnzor l448 (it goes +1s on the digits, that's how awesome it is) pen.