I miss playing Enemy Territory


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I don't why I stopped playing this wonderful game. I think it had to do with getting back into CSS and finding eGO. This game is one of most polished well made free games that I have ever played. I remember playing this game hours on end and just having fun. The servers that I played on are like eGO servers friendly, and no hackers. So did anyone else play this game when it first came out?


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you better be talking about the first one.

but ya excellent game still have it on a bunch of my computers


i remember playing that. i found it years ago and loved it, cant believe i forgot about it. there were a lot of hackers tho and it never did run very well but fun game all in all
Ah how i miss that game. I was in a clan for a while. Some of the people that were in that clan still play. And that was like 4 or 5 years ago lol