Achievements: Yes or No?

Do you attempt achievements?

  • Yes

    Votes: 32 47.1%
  • No

    Votes: 36 52.9%

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Just a curious question, but do you guys attempt to gain achievements or do you just play and let them come as you go?

I've personally been doing my best to unlock the weapon and map achievements.
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i go for a few but mostly just let them come. I went for some of them like the clothing ones with a few friends :D


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I thought the Achievements were a joke when the beta itself came out.
They are the stupidest things I've ever seen in my life, I just want to kick someone in the face.


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Sometimes I do. When I'm Playing deathmatch on other servers I try my best to unlock as many achievements I can. But If its a normal Server, I just play without worrying bout achievments :)



it just gives something to play towards to extend the feeling of accomplishment further than OH yay i killed that guy Im a 360 gamer so 144 achievements for my favorite game was amazing but not in cs spirit oh well...its Valves game Im just gonna let them do what they want


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Hehehe I occasionally do, if the opportunity presents itself. Like the bomb achievements.

But most of the time I'm too busy suicide grenading while yelling terrorist chants :D


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While I do not actively seek achievements, I am always surprisingly pleased with myself when I get one.

With FBG, I more actively sought things.

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I just let them come as I play. Maybe later when I get bored I will see what ones I am close to getting or have not got yet and attempt to complete them


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I just let them come as I play, Maybe one day if acheivements actually unlocked something like a skin or something, id try. But I doubt that will happen.


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I don't like how you earn these achievements. I know that are jail servers disable the achievements which I 100% agree on, but I've been playing some mini game servers as of late and have earned between 10-20 achievements from those alone. Not to mention, quite a few hard ones (frugal beret). I find that totally unfair.

Also I played in one of our events yesterday, which had death-match enabled, and also earned another 2 harder achievements (the unstoppable force, the immovable object). I just think its a bit unfair how you can get around the difficulty of these achievements.

I was always an fbg guy as a lot of you dust_2 regulars would know, so I guess achievements are sort of my escape to handle my withdrawals of its removal. All in all, just saddens me the difficulty and sense of accomplishment of these achievements is blown to smithereens.