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Did/Do you enjoy LEGOs? Feel too old to go to a toy store and buy a box of 'em? Well I have found an amazing thing ladies and gentlemen,

Imagine it, infinite LEGO pieces, being able to create nearly anything you want, and to make it even better. Build something you really like and want in real life? You are able to purchase the pieces from the designer and create your design in real life. Awesome


Poster Extraordinaire
ive got one of those big blue rubbermade tubs filled with legos

and a shelf covered with bionical figures

a large lego viking ship sitting on my dresser

Ya, id say i like lego

but virtual lego?

thats just... i dunno

i think the word im looking for is immoral?

the point of lego is to sort of have a general idea of what you want to build

then go digging around and piecing it together

and while youre doing that, the idea changes slightly and you end up with this cool thing that you werent expecting to make