Steam games fail to launch.


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Anyone that can provide a WORKING fix for this I would be very thankful to. None of my steam games will launch, the "Preparing to launch" box shows up for 3 seconds and then goes off and nothing happens. In the past 2 days i've reinstalled steam 3 times(games included), verified cache files, defragged the games, even taken my anti-virus off because it conflicts with steam. To NO avail. So if you have an idea that hasn't been exhausted by me please provide it. Otherwise im pretty much up a creek without a paddle on playing any of my games. This happened out of the blue and for no apparent reason.

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I had the same exact issue but only DoD:S was affected by the problem. I went to steam support and they couldnt tell me anything that would fix it. I dont remember doing anything to fix DoD:S and it just randomly started working again one day. Just keep trying different things out. Try deleting the ClientRegistry.blob file in your steam file. Other than that i dont know what to tell you. Just keep trying anything that comes to your mind and hopefully you find a solution.


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When you uninstalled and reinstalled Steam, did you also delete and reinstall your games? I would try one, a smaller one. Or when you uninstalled Steam did you actually go in and delete the remaining folders left behind, that keep all your games and game saves and preferences, etc?


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Delete the clientregistry.blob in the Steam folder (C:/program files x86/steam if your on 64 bit OS or C:/program files/steam if your on 32 bit OS still). I'm assuming steam is installed on default c: drive. If that doesn't work, also delete AppUpdateStats.blob and restart steam.

Make sure steam isn't running when you do that. Then restart afterwards. If you think steam is still running, press ctrl+alt+delete>>click the processes tab>>and find steam.exe and kill that process.