Core i7/i5


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Wow, I figured it out.....thanks to a newegg comment on one. Apparently the multiplier is what's unlocked. I find this odd considering no article I found on it said this.


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Any article about the unlocked i5/i7's will tell you that.
Imo, they are not worth it, as they'll still reach the same clocks as a locked processor.


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You really just get more flexibility as the core clock and memory clock will not have to be related to each other . Example, you could use a much lower blck but with a higher multiplier if you wanted to use a 10 or 12x memory multiplier.

Oh yea, glad to hear you have a Microcenter close to home. I feel like a kid in a candy store when i go there. Best place on earth.


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Sometimes you hit your motherboards limit for blck before you hit the processors limit. This fixes that issue. Worth the extra money? That depends on the motherboard, the memory, your budget, and the kind of clocks you hope to reach.


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Get an unlocked i5 750 if you're overclocking it to 4.7 GHz. If you aren't I wouldn't worry about it lol.