Source SDK


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Can anyone tell me what it is exactly? I see videos of people doing all kinds of stuff with it. So can anyone break it down for me?


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Source SDK is the Source Development Kit. It gives you the tools to develop modifications for th source game engine.

The SDK comes with tools like the Hammer Editor, for creating maps. Or faceposer, which is commonly user in machinima.

If you google source sdk, valve has a wiki with a lot of info


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what isimon said, ive tried mapping with source sdk before, but i guess im too nooobish to do it :p 2hours and all i get is a glass textured floor


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Follow this guys youtube tutorials and you should have all thats necessary to make a decent map in roughly an hour. He really lays it down for you unlike other tutorials. All of the techniques used in his video can be applied to HL2, Alien Swarm, L4D, etc.


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I tried mapping on my old comp, but it seemed not to work properly on it, maybe installed wrong or something but i defenantly will try on my new comp! - just need to install it xD