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Forget about fast cars, motorcycles, snowboarding, ect. And think about your new way to work/school.

Just strap on a wing with four turbine engines and off you go! (plane not included) !dodge

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Thats cool until your engens fail then so does your paracute. Then you fall pee your pants and eventully die. Besides that sign me up!
If your engine fails (all 4 of them) and your parachute fails, and your backup one does too.... I think it just might be your time. : |
Very sweet!

A lot of possibilities there for mil uses. Even current 5 mins endurance is enough. Flying under radar, retractable wingtips. He parachuted down easily, it was a near perfect touchdown.

Imagine a squad of 5 doing an insertion in hostile territory.

Now, the question is, who will sign this guy first, Northrop-Grumman or General Dynamics....?

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