Alot of BC2 Crashes


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Heyy eGO, and anyone else who browses out forums. I Was hoping you can help me. Well pretty much it's simple. I Played Around 7-8 maps last night and my BC2 crashed after i play for only around 1-2 hours. I Have my settings on low settings at 1280x800 Resolution and i have no video lag at all, and it seems fine. i play fine and i kick butt but then after playing for about 1-2 hours my game crashes. it seems like it happens everynight. But it's weird because it takes me back to the menus and then the whole game crashes? I Remeber when the crash happend i looked at my temps, and my CPU was at 50C, and my system was at 48C, and my GPU Was at 55C. So i don't think thats a problem with the GPU Temps, because it can go upp 2 115C i was told by nvida..

My Spec's are in my signature if you want more info!



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Still having random crashes on BC2. Once the round is over, and its about to go to the loading screen for the next map thats when it crashes. it's like the loading screen crashes it or something. it's strange? any help would be great?


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Silly questions but:

1) When's the last time you installed updates for windows?
2) When's the last time you updated your driver from your video card manufacturer?
3) Are you running with your Steam overlays enabled inside of the game?
4) Do you know where the temperature sensors are measuring the temps for the CPU/GPU, or are they integrated sensors?
5) Have you overclocked any part of your PC?
6) What happens if you try and boot off the free Memtest bootable CD?