Tf2 stuttering problem


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This has gone on far enough and I'm really tired of it. It's been happening ever since I've had my computer. Once every hour or so my sound would stutter and loop or whatever and my screen would go all black. It takes about a minute to come back. But recently with the engineer update, stuttering occurs randomly, and when it does it goes on and off for about 30 seconds, but no black screen. The black screen still does happen occasionally though. My ping is fine all the time, rarely get lag, when I do everyone does. My fps go from 50 to 200 average.

My theory with the black screen part is probably the graphics card is running hot. But I'm really not sure the part after the engineer update.

Things that I've tried to fix it but don't work:
1. firewall fix from steam forums
2. Disable steam cloud synchronization.
3. Put my graphics to lower settings for tf2
4. Reinstalling tf2
5. updated my drivers

This only happens to Team fortress 2. Bad company 2 is a newer game, and I only had crashes when I alt tabbed which a lot of people had the same problem, but they fixed it and I don't have that problem anymore. I just started playing alien swarm and I have no problem with it all graphics wise.

Lastly my specs:
Windows Vista 64 bit
NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT xfx
2.67 ghz Intel Core2 Quad Q8400 processor
4 gigs of ram

I really need help, and I'm not too tech savy. So if you do offer information, I need step to step directions. Thank you.
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Yes I have those now.

I played for about an hour and a half with no stuttering, and i might have fixed the problem by putting the antialiasing stuff on. I let you know if it comes back.