Computer wont even post..


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Alright so i got a new case yesterday..and i switched everything over to my new case. well i go to turn it on and nothing shows up on the screen. everything is running and theres a green light on my motherboard but nothing on screen. and i know there nothing faulty in there because i was just playing tuesday some bc2 all day long. im thinking i may have wired it up wrong but im pretty sure i didnt. heres my specs if you need them.

asus p5nsli
4 gigs ddr2 ram
xfx 5770
550w psu
e6600 core 2 duo


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Check your motherboard manual and make sure your RAM is in the correct slots. I'm not sure if you took them out when you switched, but I've seen before where if the RAM is in the wrong slots a computer won't even post (So much for beep codes now a days.).

Also check to make sure you remembered the 4/8 pin connector to the motherboard. Maybe take some pictures of your motherboard and how everything is wired up and someone might see something that you missed.


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*my laptop is about to die so i wont be able to check this for another 30 minutes or so.*
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ok so i just noticed in your pic that you HDD has no power cable connected to it but that should not be the biggest problem

Since you said that you are getting power but no beeps then the power supply is fine. You should get 1 beep on startup to assure that everything is all good, but this is not the case. Im going to suggest quite a few things to you.

1:Does anything sound unusual if so then the HDD could be failing
2: Look at the components on the board such as the capacitors, does your computer smell of burnt electronics?
3: Look at all the cables make sure they are all plugged in correctly and look for visible damage.
4: Try to re-seat your RAM
5: Replace the battery for the CMOS
6: If all else fails reassemble your pc and perhaps buy a post code diagnostic card it gives you codes for errors that could affect your pc


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1. no
2. no
3. Ha well i have no clue. im pretty sure they are. theres not enough places to plug in all the wires i have though
4.did that
5. dont know how to do that.
6. Will be getting new parts soon.

I got it to turn on haven't played any games on it yet..i started saving money up again to get everything i'll need. so for about 2 or 3 months this will have to do


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on your mobo there is a little battery simply take it out and replace it with a new one. also your bios config will be reset. i would recommend trying that before buying new and expensive parts


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No theres no beep at all. but it's working for me. I'm upgrading to a much better pc. i had just bought a new case right now because i'll need one down the road


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I've been plauged by motherboard problems before on my STriker 2 formula.
So to test your motherboard, boot with no sticks of RAM. No beep, it's possible you zapped your motherboard.

Another is to reset the CMOS. Set the CMOS jumper to the "Enable" and take the CMoS battery for a day. Resit the batter and clear the CMOS, holding it down for 30 secs.

That's as much as I could say if you can't buy cheaper parts to test each one.

No power to harddrive would still allow the user to enter BIOS


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Heres a question, is there a small case speaker even installed right now? So if the motherboard was generating a beep, are you able to hear it?

Does your graphics card have more than one output? Have you tried both outputs?