A bad sign...


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So I bought my laptop, (yes I game on a laptop) about a year and a half ago. Since that first week of amazing uninterrupted gaming it has eaten through 4 Hardrives...*facepalm* I am currently on my 4th hardrive since the 3rd one died yesterday....*facepalm* I think there is something wrong with this machine...anyways I love this time becasue it just gives me time to reflect on how many games I have to reinstall during this process of restoring my computer...not to mention all the profiles I now must rebuild, COD4, Mass Effect...(o God I forgot that one)...ahh! the joys of computer malfunction.... Computer --> :chair: <--- Me

2 days of restore en-counting... :facewall:


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Get an external drive and make an image so you don't have to reinstall everything every time.


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naaa, I has external but I have bad luck with ISO's lol so If this comp eats another hardrive Ima just accelerate my plans and get my new $1200 newegg comp and turns this sucker into a server comp...


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Use a program called ghost, made by symantec. We use it at work its quite usefull.
Its used to re-image your comp.


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It sounds like something is badly wrong with your motherboard or other hardware thats killing your HD. Or you just buy crap HD's


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naaa, Western Digi Hard drives, My laptop is an HP dv7 1285dx

my specs should be on my xfire page add dreontrios