My Leave


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CSS, Im sorry to say that I will be leaving CSS. I dont like css anymore since the update and im just tired of it now...I will be switching over to CoD4. I have also been busy with my family and MW2 scrim league. So time to say goodbye to css and i had fun with all of you.

Love you guys and you will always be my first family :p



2007 was a great year.
Good luck in COD4 bumble-bee. Its been a great time in CSS with ya. Stop back in CSS sometime, we will surely miss you!!!


2007 was a great year.
Its not like he's leaving eGO so you will still see him, just more in other games. Hope you have fun in CoD! :)


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What don't you like about the new css? They fixed hitboxes...and the registry is it just that it's harder for you to hit shots because the hitboxes are perfect now? :p