Things i don't understand about *some* WOW players


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Mind you let me make this clear i am not here to bash wow players o_O my beef is with the ones that ONLY play wow and think they need a 2000 dollars computer just to play wow o_O

Like i have seen it in many threads (not here) about people asking advice to build a gaming computer primarily used to play wow. Wows graphics are not even that good and even on the highest setting would probably never push even mid rage cards. the ONLY high end parts i could see wow ever needed is ram because of the sheer number of things going on at a time during a raid or something maybe a decent processor but still the game is DESIGNED to run on just about anything so that they can maximize profits from months subscriptions basically wow will work on any peice of crap pc you picked up at the bargain bin at Walmart

Also i apologize if this isn't necessarily the right place for this thread


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WoW ran nicely on my 16mb Video card, 256mb RAM, 2ghz single core processor. WIN eh?

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This is true, one of the reasons for the high sub base is the accessibility of it. Also, you don't need ram to handle the amount of things going on, particles/large amounts of npcs and things are handled by your processor, ram doesn't have much affect on that. You do need like 2gb of ram for other reasons though.
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People may also enjoy playing other game, but specifically play WoW.
i know I'm saying iv seen people saying its mostly for wow T_T and I'm just like ...why do you need that kinda stuff for wow if you play other games then i yeah but only wow then no thats dumb


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So they don't lag in raids.. Obviously I can tell that you've never been in a raid, so if you're going to rant about something, learn what a 'raid' is.