DoD:S Realism Campaign 1 Battle 2 Information



** All items are subject to change and modification. **


Generalfeldmarschall [Cinc] Blue Stealth
General [Gen.] Sumac
Oberst [Obt.] Bad Brain


Allied Commander-in-Chief [Cinc] ST0RMY
General [Gen.] BL4SPH3MY
Colonel [Col.] Skippy
Major [Maj.] Old Monkei

Server IP:
PW: Come on VENTRILO for Password.

Current Battle Map

** All Territory Swaps have been Updated on the Battle Map Above. **

Battle #2 Information:

Round 1: Allies attack France from Great Britain on dod_Flurry
Round 2: Axis attack Belgium from France on dod_donner

Euro Realism:

Round 1: Winner will get the use of an extra Auto Weapon during Regular Realism
Round 2: Winner will get the use of an extra Special Weapon during Regular Realism


Saturday July 24, 2010

3:00 PM EST
2:00 PM CST
1:00 PM MST
12:00 PM PST

Regular Realsim

Saturday July 24, 2010

9:00 PM EST
8:00 PM CST
7:00 PM MST
6:00 PM PST​

This will be a structured/organized tournament.

As such, each army will have a structured ranking system, starting from Cinc (Commander in Chief) to Pvt. (Private). In cooperation with eGO rules, players participating will have their names as such (in-game only): =(eGO)=™ Player [Cinc] or =(eGO)=™ Player [Pvt.]

For a full list of Ranks and In-game tags: CLICK HERE

I know that this has been much anticipated. Sorry for the delay.

** Additions will be made as more people sign up until registration closes.

Haven't signed up yet? CLICK HERE

DoD:S Realism Details: CLICK HERE
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Woot! am going to make both of them if i can, unless euro is full of europeans, then i will just make the regular :)


something that may help all of you !


Courtesy of our very own, Quaffer!

Also, please try to have the map downloaded and be familiar with the map before saturday. This will make things run much smoother on saturdays. Thank you!
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2007 was a great year.
And to Remind Everyone The Euro Realism Is Made for the EURO Players First They All Have Priority. Everyone else Come's 2. Thanks :)


I need to go outside
I don't think I'll be attending either Realism event on Saturday but next week I should be back to fight for the Allies once again. To everybody who will be participating have fun and best of luck to all players.


The allies just put up a new promo list. Congrats everyone!

The front Post has been modified to reflect all changes.


2007 was a great year.
I can't sign up anymore at the Sign Up thread. Can still join Allies? I dont care which weapon actually, let me hear if i can still join.