Global Agenda: Sandstorm


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The new patch has released as of today. They added normal MMO style questing, a huge desert zone, and tons of new items and customization. The game is finally what it should have been at launch.

If you were ever interested in the game, or left and haven't been back in awhile, now is the time to check it out. The new zone is gorgeous and lots of fun to play. It is a bit repetative, but fun. It breaks the monotony of constant PVP and the repetitious PVE previously in the game. Hit me up on steam and check it out, or ask me for help or a tour if you need it. I'd love to have some friends from here to play with in GA.


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I have it, but wow it got boring after a while ._. i made it to around lvl 25 or so and... I just repeated the same stuff every day >.< well i might be installing it after what you've told me. :)


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I have to admit, I played free mmo's that were more entertaining than Global Agenda >_< sad but true. But who knows, maybe people wont lose interest one hour after the tutorial XD. I personally am not going to retry the game, mainly because I am quite low on disk space haha
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