Very long away time


Hey guys if you were wondering where ive been...Ive been gone I got a new computer and it doesent run css very well im not sure what to do atm so sorry I cant play like i used to..Ill be back soon I jjust gotta find some solutions


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You could also try Lowering your resolution, of course it takes away from the appearance and makes things look different but it boosts FPS. You can do so in video options ingame

You could also try to get an FPS config for CS:S, I know they can boost FPS a lot.
If you google it, there is a lot and they are all different for different types of computers so I couldnt just tell you a specific one, its whatever works for you.

Aswell as make sure all unneeded programs are off during play

And defragging your computer and the game itself never could hurt.


right click css in steam then go down to properties click set launch options and type -dxlevel 82 that worked wonders for me i can now run css on integrated graphics so thats worth a shot after the update it runs a lot better for me...might make performance tolerable for the time being



Well I bought a 500 dollar computer thinking that it would run css perfectly because it had a nvidia 6150SE graphics card but it runs it horribly now i dont have any time to play on eGO im gonna use ure suggestions i really hope this works dont want everyone to forget me



yeah it worked but now every server i go into it says theres something wrong with my direct x level..