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Hi guys. I'm a new mapper, and I wanted to try a new concept that I haven't seen done much, if not at all in counterstrike.

It's called uprising for a reason. The CTs will start out in underground bunkers (I plan to have 4) which will have vents leading into a main building. The interesting concept is that this is a hostage rescue mission, that instead of you bringing the hosties back, you bring them ahead with you.

The plan I have is to have the bunkers on the same half of the map, and the building mostly on the other half. The bunkers lead into rooms with stairs going up. I plan to make it so the Ts can get there first, but the CTs have enough areas to get in that it's not easy to cover them. After the CTs get in, there are a few hallways and 2 pairs of stairs to climb up on different sides. As soon as you get up the stairs, near the middle there is another stairway. However, you have to go to the other side of the building to get the hostages. There will be 2 ways to get to them.

After the hosties are retrieved you will run back to the stairway and run up it into a room on the roof (it is sheltered to avoid getting slaughtered by 20 ts the instant you go up it, as it would be a common camping spot without shelter, and even with it.) There will be a prop helicopter, and around it is the rescue zone.

Now that is the rescue route. There will be at least 2 ladders on to the roof, a door that leads outside onto the main ground, (a secret room(s)), several offices, and hopefully a lot of cool features.

I already know this'll be a challenge to balance, but I'll try to figure it out.

EDIT: Screenshots! Please do not complain about the materials, I plan to change them later. Trololo.

First room, one of the 3 or 4 rooms i'll make where you spawn.

One of the vents in the room.

Let's take a peek, shall we? We break the vent cover at the end and find ourselves in an unfinished room.

Going outside to see the basic map. Alot of this will be underground, and not visible.

Back into the spawnroom.

Oh look, more vents. The right one leads into that same room, so let's go into the left vent.

We go through the vent, break the end, and find ourselves in a room with stairs.

Look, a door.

Shoot it.

Ok and now that i've showed you all I have so far, I'm gonna give you an idea of just how much is going to be underground in this map. You can see the map from ground level in pic 4, but look at this.

Ground level looking out the window from the room with the breakable door.

How high the ground level will be when it's done.

So what do you think of the map so far? Comments? Ideas? Trolls?
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Well, I think I've got the basic Idea of what you're talking about, And it sounds like a great idea. If you have any basic questions, you can ask me :)
Anyways, Good Luck on your map!



2007 was a great year.
you got to get some lights in and a light_environment in the map. fullbright is kind hard on the eye's

just use normal lights inside and for a outside a properly set up light_environment will cause light to come from the skybox.

and you got to work on texture use.

but it's a start

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Screenshots! Please do not complain about the materials, I plan to change them later.
Those aren't the materials I'm using. However, thank you for the feedback ont he lights, I will make sure I use those.


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It looks awesome aside from the lighting and textures. Which is basically everything, but the idea is great! If you take some time after making the layout of the map and texture everything so it looks nice (and work a little on the lighting as Passerby said above), this could actually be a fun map to play on.

Nice work,
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I'd agree with most of these other comments.
The idea seems alright.
Be sure you have your layout drawn on paper with a pencil so you know for sure which parts lead where.
And be sure it's not all blocky. Add architectural features like columns, buttresses, and other supports. Pictures of real-life places can help give you some ideas.
Don't rush your time on detailing.
Optimize, optimize, optimize.
If you're new to making maps, please read some tutorials on optimization, as this is something you need to do during the entire map-making process.
It is very important and will keep your map from causing lag.
Good luck with this and future maps!

Here's how to take slightly better screenshots of your map.

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Thanks guys, and i'll work on the lighting and making it less "blocky" persay. However, I was gonna make the details like making it less blocky later. Right now I should work on the lighting and the basic idea.


2007 was a great year.
ya and try adding supports and trim to things to make it less blocky than func_detail them to speed up vis on compile.