CS:S Weapon Skins problem

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First off I would like to know if this is the right place to put this?

Secondly the problem is that while messing around with some new fpsbanana.com weapons skins I accidentally overlapped files or messed up copying them causing the guns to make weird sounds and not look right. After messing with it for awhile I went on a deleting rampage and tried to get rid of all of the models, materials, sounds, and scripts, I downloaded into my cstrike folder. Now the guns I was messing with are black and pink checkered and I am at a bit of a loss at what to do.

The weapons that I am having problems with are

Any help would be very appreciated. And seeing as I was dumb enough to get into this situation maybe a detailed guide for a noob to get me back on track?


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Skins are made of different parts - it sounds like you just deleted the textures but the models are still there. Unfortunately, the easiest way to probably fix it is to Delete all local content from inside of Steam and then re-download it. This is the only way i know for sure to make sure all your textures are back in the right places.


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if you want I could walk you through it in vent. if you would like to do this please have the some links for what skins you dl


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I had the same problem. I just checked file names of what i had downloaded, went into my cstrike folder and delete all of them.

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Yeah thanks guys for the advice I just went on an even larger deleting rampage and somehow managed to delete the right files. While on the topic though do yall use any cool skins that yall would recommend. I believe that I now know how to install them correctly.