Tap Tap Revenge: The Thread


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Welcome to Tap Tap Revenge: The Thread!
The thread is about the game series Tap Tap Revenge which is developed by Tapulous for the iPhone and the iPod touch. The game is one of the most popular games on the iPhone and the iPod touch and the latest non-themed , Tap Tap Revenge 3, is free.
I have been trying hard to get this thread done before I go on holiday TOMORROW. Gah.

How to play

When the colored balls, called tappers hit the platforms at the bottom of the screen, you tap the platform they hit. If you tap the wrong lane you will lose your combo and lose points. You will also lose the combo and points if you miss a tapper or tap too early. This means that hitting all the lanes at once constantly will not work. there are also arrows called shakes, these arrows indicated that you have to move your iDevice in the way it is pointing, if it is pointing up you hit the air like a drum, left you hit it to the left and right you hit it to the right. You can turn shakes off in the settings ( Like I have ) if you don't like them.
In order to score more points, you have to build up streaks. This is simply how many tappers you have hit in a row without messing up. Once you you hit 20 tappers in a row you get a 2X points Bonus for each tapper you hit. When you hit 30 Tappers in a row you get a 3X bonus and when you hit 40 in a row you get a 4X bonus. When you hit 50 tappers, it tells you to shake your iDevice, you will enter what is known as the "Revenge" mode when you do so. The colors will change and you get a 8X points bonus on each tapper you hit. Another way to score more points is to hit the tappers when they come directly in the center of the platform, depending on how close to the center it is before you tap, you will get more or less points. Closer is better.
Sometimes, unusual tappers will fly along with starts on them. These special tappers unlock the 16X mode. When you hit all of them without messing up in the time you are hitting them, you will unlock a star that flys to the side of your screen. When you push it, you will instantly enter revenge mode and get a 16X bonus for 10 seconds. Timing is key with the 16X mode.

Tap Tap Revenge 3 has a load of songs you can download. Some are free and some you have to pay for. There are over 200 songs that you can get for free! Meaning there will be alot of music to tap along to. There are multiple artists across the games. The paid tracks include songs from artists such as Owl City.
There themed games such as Lady GaGa revenge and Metallica revenge come with a few songs. Then you can connect to the internet and download the remainder for free on the themed ones. The songs on the themed games are often different to the ones on Tap Tap revenge 3. In Tap Tap Revenge 3 for instance, there are only 3 lanes of tappers. In Metallica Revenge there are up to 5 lanes of tappers if you use the extreme difficulty songs and there are 4 lanes on hard difficulty.

Techniques and Videos
There are many ways to playing the game, such as what fingers/thumbs you use for hitting the tappers. The most popular way of playing the game ( as I have seen via my friends playing the game ) is by using two thumbs. I personally used to use my index and middle finger on my right hand to play the game, though it makes no real difference how you play it. When you hit extreme you suddenly realise that using EITHER of these techniques do not work.
In order to play extreme you need to use three fingers or two fingers and a thumb. It doesn't really matter which, but if you use three fingers you cannot hold the device in your hands anymore, you have to put it on your knee or another surface, making it hard to enter revenge mode or get past the shakes.
Overall, this is a pretty fun mobile game, I will be playing it on my holidays and I'd like to see what your comments or scores are on this game, as it is very competitive on the scoreboards. Below are a few of my videos of me playing the game. I say "ouch" in one of the videos because I had to get into a really awkward position to get the camera to see my iPod. And then I had to hold there and play the game for 7 minutes. Ouch.
Here are my videos:
Difficulty Extreme "Yeah, Yeah" by New Politics
Difficulty Extreme "All Nightmare Long" by Metallica
Difficulty Extreme "Master Of Puppets" by Metallica
Difficulty Hard "Enter Sandman" by Metallica
Youtube killed master of puppets quality.
This is the first time I've tried making a detailed thread on eGO, I hope you like it ^_^
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Tap Tap Revenge is awesome =) I once got around 500,000+ points playing on my cousin's iPod Touch. Song played was Baby (Justin Bieber ft. Ludacris) & Tap Tap Domination =D


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Sweet, glad to know there's players on eGO who play the game!
My best scores are as follows.
Tap Tap Revenge 3: 1,567,058 "Good Morning (The Future) By Rogue Wave"
Metallica Revenge: 1997,372 "All Nightmare Long By Metallica"


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Broke 2mil points.
Song: All Nightmare Long
Score: Not got iPod with me, but it's over 2.2 million points.
Beat 2.5 million points, I have 2.6 million score on All Nightmare Long
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