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Hey guys. This here is a bounty... potentially the largest bounty ever done in eGO. Or the smallest. It depends on you guys. Interested?

Here's the deal. This is a bounty on EVERYONE in edgegamers. It doesn't matter what rank or division they're from; it just matters that they're in here. If you dom someone and post it, you get a credit for 500cc.

But wait a sec... I hear you out there saying "500cc is the lamest bounty ever! you're stupid! I'm going to stop reading now!" Alas, you'll miss out on why it's the best one yet.

It's limitless. You can claim as many people as you want, for the rest of the week. This bounty will officially end on Friday, July 30th at 6:00PM EST.

But wait! there's more.

I'm only paying ONE person. remember when I said you get a 500cc 'credit'? Every time you dom someone, I'll be recording your name on the original post, along with the money you've earned. The person with the most money at the end of the week gets what they've earned.

But there's YET ANOTHER twist. If you dom someone who has already earned money, you steal all of their money and add it to your total, vis-a-vis the demoman's eyelander effect.

Quick example: if player a has dom'd 5 people, he has a credit of 2,500 cc. Player B dom's player A: he gets 500 cc for doming him, along with the 2500 cc that player A had stored up. Thus, he gets 3000 cc from one dom, and player A is back to zero. He can still compete, of course, but he's just down a bunch of doms.

Last twist: If you dom me, it's worth 1000, not 500. If I dominate anyone who has credits saved up, they lose all their credits, just like usual, but because I'm not participating (as the person paying it), the money is just totally lost. So, you want to avoid getting dom'd by me.

At the end of the week, I'll be paying the person with the most money, gotten through domming, and stealing from all the other players.

TL;DR rules:

  1. Dominate anyone in wearing eGO tags on eGO servers, and you get 500cc. This can happen as many times as you want.
  2. Doms must take place after the posting of this thread (read: no old doms)
  3. your name, along with the money you've earned, will be recorded in the OP of this thread.
  4. If someone doms another player who already has earned money, all of that player's money goes to the dominator.
  5. If you dom Dreadmaker, you get 1000 cc, not 500. If he doms you, he steals all of your money, just like anyone else.
  6. The person at the end of the week with the most money gets all the money they've earned.

As I said, this could easily be the biggest bounty eGO has ever offered. It all depends on how much you guys put into it! Think about it: 100 dominations = 50k, and 200 = 100k. I know individuals won't be getting that many, but if you manage to dominate those players who HAVE gotten a few people, you could easily find yourself sitting on a huge sum at the end of the day.

Go nuts, and post all the doms you get, starting from today.

Links to pictures are prefered; let's try not to have a thread that breaks the website, alright? Small pics or links, nothing as big as your screen res. Thanks folks :)

ANOTHER IMPORTANT EDIT: Event dominations DO NOT COUNT. If it's on the event server and I see nothing but eGO members, it isn't going to fly. Sorry folks. The exception here, however, is for the TF2 league. if you put in your league games, that's fine. It's the silly events that I care about, because they can do some pretty silly things, dom wise.

Current players who have earned money:

Shadohunter: 47000 (Stole from Mr. Sajora, Dy1an)
GingaNinja : 27000 (Stole from Dy1an, The Avenger)
Crazyrockets:21000 (Stole from PepperRabbit twice, ModusPwnens)
Whisker Biscuit: 11500 (Stole from Carisi1)
Evo: 5500
RBrandon: 5000
Jawneh: 2500
Mobilize: 2500
Naku_vamp: 2500
SpidEY: 2000
ShinobiSli: 1000
[Typhus]: 500
Idol: 500
ModusPwnens: 0 (STOLEN!)
PepperRabbit: 0 (STOLEN!)
The Avenger: 0 (STOLEN!)
Mr. Sajora: 0 (STOLEN!)
Dy1an: 0 (STOLEN!)
Carisi1: 0 (STOLEN!)
Wilson!!: 0 (STOLEN!)
Toxxin: 0 (STOLEN!)
Zodiac: 0 (STOLEN!)
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Updated for both of you. reminder; killing either of these guys gets not only 500 cc, but whatever they've accumulated too! You folks have targets on your backs now!


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does this only count for Tf2?

just thought It could be eGO wide? just a thought. because I would love to play :p


I need to go outside
does this only count for Tf2?

just thought It could be eGO wide? just a thought. because I would love to play :p

Sadly, it's a TF2 bounty; it has to be done in TF2. However, it doesn't matter what division you're from; so long as you have tf2 and you're playing it, someone from DoD could easily win this badboy :)

I'm not even looking for people I know in the screenies; I'm just looking to make sure the people have tags in front of their names. that's all.

So, if you have tf2, get cracking! if you don't... well, sorry man! Get someone to start this sucker in your division!