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So i haven't been on in a couple of days because of work and getting prepared for a wedding this weekend. But the main culprit was that i was using a *gasp* unlicensed version of Windows 7 that i "borrowed" from work...and the activation popups were annoying the crap out of me...and some of my system files were screwed up.

Anyways i reinstalled a new version of 7 (ultimate) and this time its licensed to me so no more pop ups, but im always looking for new fun programs/apps, so lets have it. What programs do you recommend or just HAVE TO have on a windows build?

tl;dr Name your favorite windows 7 apps besides BC2!

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hmm all i use is google chrome, coretemp for watching my temps, a calendar( cuz i tend to forget the date randomly), and a weather gadget for my area. i also have cpu-z and gpu-z, and 3dmark06, and vantage for testing.
Chrome is the aw3som3n3ss! Except for the fact that I have to run it with the -nosandbox mod, for some unknown error that I can't resolve.
As for other apps, Deskscapes is pretty legit, gives you access to a lot more moving backgrounds.


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awwww dude i could have given you a program that would take the windows genuine advantage off and make it think your legit xD


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Chrome is by far and away the best browser available, super fast, love it.
I didn't like Chrome because I could not have my Google toolbar and I felt the ability to customize was lacking. (At least when I had the program installed)

So yea, Firefox for the win. And as for other programs that I find use all the time. Well, for security I run Comodo Firewall, Spybot Search and Destroy, and AVG. The combination seems to run without any hiccups and it keeps me well protected. (Comodo Firewall is a great free program) I also use Xfire and Steam for gaming. Besides those applications and games there is nothing that I use regularly.
I use Avast Internet Security for my antivirus/firewall needs.

Firefox for my browser

Revo Uninstaller to get the leftovers that the regular uninstallers leave behind.

CCleaner to clean up the crap that internet surfing leaves behind and to clean the registry.

Free Download Manager for my downloading needs.

Mozilla Thunderbird for email.

Open Office for my office software stuff.

I probably have others but can't think of them right now.
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i use CPU usage and Network meter. (its convenient when you have 2 monitors so you can look at your stuff while your gaming.) I also found another one that shows me my GPU stats. (i.e. temp, fan speed, VPU & GPU usage GPU ram usage) On the gadgets page its called GPU Observer.
cant remember where i got it from. Just look around on the windows gadget gallery.

then i use HFS to do some file sharing. I know you've used that already.

ummm what else.... i cant think of anything else. if i do i'll post another one.

oh and i use command prompt to ddos ireadyouremail.
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