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I learned about an interesting game that happened in either Chicago or New York (can't remember which :p ) that made my interest peak in a possible game that could be played across divisions (or within a division) for eGO. Kind of like a tournament.

The game was one involving assassins (not real ones, obviously). 24 people were each handed one file containing information about one of the 23 other people. None of them knew each other or anything, and they only knew about the one person in the file they recieved (i.e. their workplace, hobbies, where they tend to hang out, all that). Their job? Assassinating him. With a squirt gun. So when you found your target, you would "assassinate" him/her, and they would be eliminated. Then, you would take their file, and hunt down what their target would've been.

So basically, at the end of the competition, the last remaining two people would be hunting each other to declare a winner.

So how does this tie in with eGO? I was thinking of a Division-wide tournament (or keep it within a Division), and have people sign up to be a part of the event. During sign up, they fill out a small form with stuff like their favorite server to play on, what time of day they usually play on, etc. Once all registration is done, each person gets pm'd a message with details of ONE person. Maybe he/she's their friend or not, but the task is to "assassinate" them. The assassination would be a kill with a screenshot for proof. Once they have the screenshot, they would submit it in to the hosts of the event. The person they "assassinated" would be eliminated, and their target would be passed onto the assassin.

In the end, once it's down to just the remaining two assassins, they will be hunting each other. And whoever kills the other first, with the screenshot for proof, will win. All in all, it's kinda fuzzy rules and such here, but I'm sure people could contribute to it. :p

So yeah, this is my idea of a tournament that eGO could host. I'm not deluding myself into saying it's an oh-so AMAZING idea, but it would be nice if the leadership considered it. :D

But for now, thoughts everyone? Peace out!


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Ah, forgot about that one. I'm from CS:S and don't get to play TF2 much. -.- Fail on my part.


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in from css as well

i only played in the tf2 division during the free weekend

i just happen to read the news whenever i go to the site