New Hat?


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It's just a notification that pops up in-game and says that you have been rewarded with Cheater's Lament, guess he didn't log into the game for a long time.

As for Drunken F00l, he still has a VAC ban.


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No man, you missed the Steamstats era. Those who didn't idle got a Cheater's Lament. *Your honesty has been rewarded with a new hat.* Also it says Level 100 Cheat Dectector. Plus the fact that theres a Cheater's Lament next to it.


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I have somewhere around 20-30 hats. I stopped counting. I don't care. All you need is the stash. After that you're all set.


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I still wonder why I didn't get my cheaters lament, never idled once before that hat came out. My friend Will gets the game after and somehow he got it...


I wish there was a sombrero. How awesome would that be? Also! Make it like a chip and dip Sombrero. Food on the go amirite?