What's Up eGO?


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I registered about a month and a half ago but never got around to introducing myself! I'm Vespiion, I love FPSes and RPGs, as well as some Platformers and Fighting Games.

I play CS:S a lot and if anyone wants to chat, feel free to add me on Steam

Also if there's any 360 Gamers here, Add my Gamertag, Krazyfrag, and hit me up so we can play some Halo sometime!

Can't wait to get to know y'all!


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Hey dude, welcome to eGO! Im glad you enjoying it. If you need anything then you can always ask!


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Hey man, nice to meet you. Do you play on the Jail server? If not then you surely should check it out! :)


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Welcome, if you play jail I will never see you, but if you get on office I will rock your face if you want..


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Welcome! Jail is my home but I do get around, so whatever CS:S Servers you play you might run into me sometime. Have fun!


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Welcome to eGO! Feel free to add me as a friend, and I hope to see you in the CS:S Jailbreak servers sometime! :p