As I'm looking over the forums and when people post, there isn't really a pizaz, I'm willing to offfer to make signatures for people. I'm not the best, but I can do better than most. Just post in this format what you would like to see, although it might take a little while for me to finish your signatures.

Main Text:
Secondary Text: [Optional]
Theme: [What you would like it to be about]
Style: [Abstract or Grunge only]
Colors: [Primary Colors you want to see]
Other Information: [Other things you would like to see]

Here are some of the things i have done.



Just a few I have done.

Please don't spam with requests. I might not get you to them fast, but it shouldn't take long.

If this is in the wrong section please move it.


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Artists looking to make signatures and members who would like to request signatures should look here. This is our Request Art forum.

I see no reason to move this post. I believe in advertising.

Artist who enjoy competition should check out the Signature of the Week forum.
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