The best thing since sliced bread: In a can.

Sequel Sentry

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Ever had problems lugging your sandwiches around, you can't find a place to put that messy PB&J, well fear no more! Introducing Candwiches, the sandwich in a can!

Coming in 3 flavors, PB&J Strawberry, PB&J Grape, and new BBQ Chicken!

These "candwiches" are quick and tasty and ready to eat. Why hadn't anyone thought of such a good idea is this! If you can't find a place to put your sandwich, why not stuff it in a can!

Mmmm, I'll tell you what...those look delicious! Go get yourself a candwich in an obesity clinic near you!


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yes osvg

i was refering to Tac Bac

plus if i stock up on enogh of the stuff i can outlast those pesky zombie threads that are running rampant around the forums

and ill do it eating tasty, tasty, bacon.


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I love how the reporters were going into the interview looking at him like an idiot until he said "They're meant to be placed alongside soda in a vending machine." then they were like "Oh...thats a good idea..."


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lol tactical bacon...
it infiltrates, annihilates your stomach with bacon-y goodness, and leaves out the back door

*ba dum tss*