What kind of games do you like on the servers?


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For example, Bomb/Defuse maps, Rescue hostages, straight free-for-all death matches, team death matches, Jail, Death run maps, and any others that I haven't mentioned. I like either Jail or bomb maps. I don't know if this has already been posted or not. So.....I would like your comments. :D
Jail and hostage rescue maps except when the hostage goes and gets himself killed by my rifle. Sometimes I wonder if they even want to be rescued at all. Btw why aren't there ever female hosties?

On a side note, 100th quality post by the supa troll
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it all depends on the layout and design quality, i like jail_marble becuase it was made so well, its ballanced well so its easy to rebel, but it also has lost to do in it