Just switched to INS


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Hey eGO, I recently switched divisions from CS:S to INS, just thought I'd let you know. See you guys in the servers.


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Welcome Vespiion! Its good to have you, look forward to playing against or alongside you in-game! Be sure to jump into one of the INS ventrilo channels asap, so that you can start meeting the INS members. Vent is also a big part of the reason why so many enjoy this division, we just know how to have fun :)
Besides jumping in vent, be as active as you can throughout forums and pay attention to the calendar for upcoming INS events!

If you need help, have a comment, or whatever it may be you can contact me via PM from forums, STEAM msg me, or find me in vent. Links to add me to STEAM friends and eGO profile are in my signature..

Hope to see you around soon!



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Hi, welcome to Insurgency.
Now I'm gonna troll this forum so you can see my custom title when I post.

Look at it over here <----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------