Can't download custom maps on mac?


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Hey today i went for vacation to some rainy and boring, cold island of Denmark.
I had a idea it would be like this so i took my laptop with me and installed steam and CSS on it. I wanted to join Jail server but when it had finished downloading it said "ba_jail_stationx_v1d.bst disconnecting." I've made sure to allow to download custom files from servers. I also tried to add maps manually, but it seems there are no folder to put it in. I'm not the big Mac guy so if any of you know what to do please help me because i wont live 2 weeks of this place...



Ive been able to download maps to my mac fine. If youd like to do it manually, the SteamApps directory is in /Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps


If you have CSS installed, you pretty much have to have that SteamApps directory. The app dosent contain the SteamApps directory. So theres no Steam directory in the Application Support directory?


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find steam in you applications folder and right click it and hit look at package contents.

.app files aren't programs there are just special folders containing all of a applications files