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My mic speakers broke today i was wondering if you guys could tell me how to fix it maybe........ idk if it can be fixed but need help:crying:
If they're really messed up try stripping the wire and check the connections. You may need to solder the wire back to the connectors
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1. What are "Mic speakers"
2. Make sure theyre plugged into the right Jacks, (Usually Green is Audio and goes into green slot, pink is mic and goes into the pink slot)
3. When did this start happening? What were you doing just before it did?
4. -_-, this is so broad its making me cringe

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1) Might wanna be more specific with your problem.
2) Maybe put this in the Tech Help section. In there, you can get help from tech junkies who will know your problem and help you with it in a snap. :)


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Epic Fail!

That sucks, I cant hear your beautiful voice anymore. Well, if you can't fix it you should get a Creative Fatal1ty Headset.


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yeah i have no clue what a "mic speaker" is but try buying the Plantronics GameCom 367 great headset and awesome price, if you order online through Walmart 23 bucks :p (plus tax and 97 cent shipping :)


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I just got a 30$ logitech G-35 headset (or whatever)..I only use my speakers if my headset ever breaks..unfortunantly I don't know how mic-speakers work. Still just a suggestion.