DoD:S Realism Campaign 1 Battle 2 Results



** All Territory Swaps have been Updated on the Battle Map Above. **


Battle #2 Information:​

Round 1: Allies attack France from Great Britain on dod_Flurry

Allies lost their attack bid. Furthermore, they lost their match and lost the control of Great Britain.
Axis controls Great Britain!

Round 2: Axis attack Belgium from France on dod_donner

Axis won their attack bid. However, they lost their match. Their attack on Belgium Failed.
Allies retain control of Belgium!

Hard Fought Battles Everyone!
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2007 was a great year.
This was pretty cool, however I only played on the Euro Realism.

Get practicing for next week guys!


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Those were some close battles. At the start I really though Flurry was a lame map. However it turned out to be a great realism map. Actually quite even. (dispite Sumac and Blues best choices to make it not so.) It was great ;)

Ok so what have we learnt so far? That It is a bad idea to lose the bidding when attacking. Losing the bidding makes it very hard to keep the territory you are attacking from.

Even though this is the first Campaign and we are still working things out. I would like to confirm how the bidding works. (I have been told but still dont understand fully. Plus im sure there are others who don't understand either)
  1. Both sides had a set amount of points to place strategicly on their territories to deffend it. right?
  2. Each side then has a differen't set of attacking bid points which have been worked out. With these attack points the leaders then decide how many they will use to attack an adjasent side?
  3. If they bid less than the defending points then they then attack to try and keep the territory that they attacked from. Right.
    • ok here is my bug bare. Shouldn't the deffending points of the attacking territory be taken into account? Say a territory loses the attack bid and also the battle but has a large amount of defense points. Shouldn't this territory stay in the attacking teams hands?
  • Also is it possible to get a report of the bidding after the fact? e.g how many the allies bid to attack and how many the axis had defending it. Or is this just piontless and making more work?
Im sorry or the long post and I Hope I made myself clear. I just want to know what is going on. Because I am competitive and I am getting fustrated that we are losing only because we have attacked after losing the attack bid.

~Also as a side note was it not silly to attack from GB. putting it at risk of losing it. would it not have been wiser to attack from belgium?



2007 was a great year.
It seems unfair to lose your territory after you attack with a failed bid, because the maps are picke to be in the defenders benefit, so if you're attacking you're already at a disadvantage, and to lose your territory because you attack doesnt make sense.

A way around this, though Im just a simple doctor and this make be stupid, can be that the team who wins the attack bid can have the option to defend the territory, that is being attacked by the losing bid (With a bonus of 1 special, or 1 auto) getting rid of their attacking, but if they win the defense, they can have an immediate counter-attack, switching the map to the now defending team's map for the territory that they were attacking from) and the defenders now have to fight at a disadvantage (Minus 1 special weapon or 1 auto thats for you guys to decide). If they lose the defense however, they lose they territory and then then the realism is over for that night. If you decide to proceed to attack with your winning bid, it acts like a normal realism for both sides that attack, and then no counter-attacks can happen, so if you win the attack, you win the territory. If you lose the attack, you retreat and the territory stays in control of the side.
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last night's battle was great...i expected us to blow out the allies on flurry, but they gave us a run for our money...good job everyone...even you allies...


Things may be changed up next round, but for this round (because there are only 2 left and for the sake of trying to keep things on an even keel) they will stay the same.

We understand your concerns and have been brainstorming from before day one on things to change/add, so if you have any suggestions please feel free to add them, we take them all into account. Just remember for everyone that has an issue with one aspect, there is at least one person on the other side of the issue that feels the opposite.

Kiwi- There is only 1 set of points at this time. They are placed on territories and are used for both attacking and defending.

The reason we added the clause that you could potentially lose the country you were attacking from was to help move along territory swap for an event that really only had 4 moves for each side. If each attack bid failed in a week, no territory would change hands making for more stagnant play. There are of course other reasons it was done that way, but that was one of the main ones.

And as far as the points reporting goes, we can't make it public because we don't even know what the other team has, an impartial official looks at the attack and the points that will be defending against and lets us know if it was a successful attack bid or not. So no at this time points will not be made public.

Compton- TA version of this has been discussed and may be an option for the next event. We will need to keep in mind time constraints as the event is already going until 11:30. We are continuing to look at possibilities along these lines. However, we don't have everything ironed out just yet.

Remember guys, when adding a competitive element to Realism (as every other Realism outside eGO has had) there will always be a team that starts to run away with it. This event is only 4 matches long, we need movement unless we decide to make it longer, that however will also have its drawbacks. Trying to find a balance between just fun play with no specific purpose and competitive Realism will take time. We have far too many different play styles and reasons for playing in this community to take just one perspective into account.

Please keep the feedback coming, and keep in mind that a lot of work has been put into this and is continuing to be put in, so anything you add will be helpful, just don't be upset if they go another way with this. Unless your name is Dutchhopper and you make mean threads about Sumac, in that case everyone curses your name and hates you with a strong passion. If this is you than your opinions are not welcome EVER. Yes that was sarcasm even Dutch's opinions are welcome, they just may not be considered.
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thanks Sumac thats good to know.
Any way those were some of the best matches of realism I have been in.


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2007 was a great year.
Although I missed a good portion of the event last night, what I did get to play was just awesome. Great actions from both sides :thumbup:


2007 was a great year.
Well now that Im back, it'll be to easy, everyone knows Blue is no match for me with the sniper.

Oh wait, that was only in my dream.