Whats your favorite LR?


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Whats your favorite LR? Seems most people like s4s. Me personally m4 30 seconds or story time but I barely get LR xD

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S4S or anything you get to do something and compete for your life... LETSS RUN TOWARDDS A T KNIFING US AND GIVE US R GUNS SOW HE CANN SHOOT USS

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CT trivia because I get to ask them ridiculous questions that are impossible to answer and make them choose which of their fellow teammates they hate most. Or Octotags4sdeagletossrace


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Depends on who are the terrorists I'm matched against and how I'm feeling. Can't really say I have a favorite because a few depend on the map.


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Vanilla's story times with buckets that tuckit and make new mini mctuckit buckets.


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I used to do role-playing with the scene "this is sparta". So I get to kill 1 guy.. but then the other ct's usually doesn't pay attention, so I steal the dead guy's primary and kill the rest lol. It works almost everytime :p