Any other boxers/boxing fans out there? Need an opinion


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Just something I wanted a community opinion on.

The query is this:

1. will "Pacman" Pacquiao vs. "Money" Mayweather ever happen?

2. If so, when?

3. How much would you pay for front row seats to the fight?

4. Who would win?
a. What round/to finsh?
b. How?

5. Would your choice for question 4 dominate the fight?

6. Is Mayweather scared?

If you aren't a boxing fan, here are some reference videos if you'd like to vote.
[ame][/ame] (Pacquiao's career highlights)
[ame][/ame] (Pacquiao's most recent fight)

[ame][/ame] (Mayweather's most recent fight)

If you're a boxing fan you know both are legends, and I'm pretty sure that every boxing fan wants this to happen. It would be light, fast, and powerful against a heavier, more powerful (in his prime anyway) fight.

Me personally
1. On the fence, but I sure as all get out want it to happen. I would pay to watch.

2. 2011, at the earliest.

3. three year's salary, easy

4. Pacquiao, he's just too fast
a. I'd say it goes to finish, but pacquiao dominates the way
b. Like I said, all rounds, but pacquiao having all but 2-3 rounds in his favor, unanimous decision.

5. The whole damn way

6. He seems like it, requiring Pacquiao to take that drug test just seems like stalling. He's been arrogant too long, and it seems like Pacquiao would put him in his place.
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