Sad news....

White Tiger

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Sooooooooo gonna be off "AGAIN" from computer...
im goin sailing... thats means no videos upcoming :facewall:
anyway this is 3rd time that i goin off 1st Estonia then Camp and now goin to sailing... srsly.
By the way... i will miss you guys alot and eGO too... so see ya next week ;)

and Grats me i joined church "hooray to me..."

one more thing...

I like Muffins :3

KR Decade

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oowh, okay. Make sure to put that on your sig, so people can know. Have fun in your trip.


...wait wha? 1 week? Meh... See ya next week then...

Mayhem Death

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Why don't you just put this in your Signature so we don't have to post threads about this. kthxbai. Sorry to see you go again.