How to Install CPU Cooler?


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I thinking about buying the CNPS10X Extreme.
I've just bought the AMD Phenom II X2 555 3.2 Ghz, And i wanna overclock it to about 4.0 Ghz if my motherboard can handle that.

1. Black Edition means you can overclock it beter right?:p

So.... about the cooler... how do I install it?
Somebody got some pictures? Or is there a name for this type of CPU coolers?:

I can't find a good video on youtube or something, atm I have an AM2+ socket.
But I can't find any information about how to connect it.

You guys probably thinking, buy the damn cooler and read the description, yes i know but i want a CPU cooler where I dont have to remove my motherboard from my case, and one that is easy to connect.

Hopefully you guys know what i mean:)




EGO Is My Life!
No problem, sorry for that crap link origianlly ;)
Its cool;) Btw... do you have any idea how for I can overclock my AMD Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition on the GA MA770-UD3 Rev1.0 ? I wanna reach 4.0 when i have my new cooler, you think I can reach 4.0?


EGO Is My Life!
When you get it, it will come with a manual. So don't worry.
But it involves taking out the motherboard, unscrewing the backplate, installing the new, then putting the new heatsink on. Unless you have a case with a motherboard cut-out for the retention plate. Then just skip step 1.

And for the overclocking, sure, you could, but you'd have to put in a lot of volts.