Argentan Server?

hey guys. I did search for the thread regarding the server that is currently running Caen and switching up maps, but couldn't find one. Sorry if I missed it.

Although I loved Caen in the original DOD. It just doesn't seem the same to me when I ran through it (albeit playing against 1 other EG member). The server seems deserted all the time. Is there a special time we are using? To me Caen is kind of like an old high school or university... found memories...but to actually go back...well you can't go home again as they say :)

I could see it picking up when it runs "Argentan". I always found that map to be underrated. and it is a stock map... so that will help populate the server.

So anyways just curious about other members thoughts on the server and Argentan....


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I take it you havent seen the news post.

<div style="width: 500px; text-align: center" align="center">We are going to be having four weeks of map trials for our instant respawn (Colmar) server to find which map will stay permanently for the server!

We will use the top four most voted on maps, one for each week of the trial. At the end of the four weeks, we will reconvene here in the forums to decide which will find its new permanent home on our instant respawn server.

These map trials will be starting on Tuesday, July 13th
Server IP:

Here were the top four maps that you voted on:

Week 1: Sora

Week 2: Caen

Week 3: Argentan

Week 4: Anzio

So, hop in the server each week, try out the maps, then tell us what you like best!</div>



I find it strange that its almost always empty. How are you supposed to assess a map's quality if you aren't playing with a full server?
I've been in Argentan for the past few nights... had some really good games. But yes it takes time for servers to catch on. People need time to notice them and put them in their favourites.

but join in. Even with 6 people it's still a blast. and people join servers that have more people.


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something is messed up

And it doesn't help a map gain popularity when you join and there are 3 other on the server and they tell you not to cap nor kill that they aren't playing that way right now. And these were EGO members. They said they were waisting time waiting on the 2nd realism campaign to start. That will really help a map gain popularity......