**SOTW Contest #64 Melee Weapons Submission**

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Melee Weapons
25,000 Casino Cash Prize
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Up close and personal. If it cuts, punches, thumps, or strangles while never leaving your hand it's good to go. No ranged weapons allowed.


* Theme: Melee Weapons
* Size: Max: 500x200
* You may make a signature for someone else but you must include the name of the persons who's sig you are making in the signature.
* No Spam
* No Comments
* Only Entries
* One entry per person.
* No pre-made sigs, you must enter a sig that has been made specifically for this competition, the week of the competition.
* No repeat entries.

Entries will be taken until Saturday July 31, 11:59 PM EST
Prizes will be awarded On August 4th or 5th when I return from a brief vacation.

SOTW 65 will be posted a few days early before I leave.
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Lero is a weapon too, Leroooo! (The umbrella can be used as a weapon)

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