New comer help?


Hey, I'm new and I just signed up for the forums here. :blush: I commented my username on the "Bad Company 2 Username" thread, what else do I need to do? :confused1:


Clan Tag.

Also, since I signed up for the forums here, am I now allowed to put =(eGO)= as my clan tag on BF:BC2? Or do I need to do something else? :bored:


Hello Hehonator. First up, go to this forum and read up on all valid/applicable information regarding you. I suggest the Start Here - New Applicants and the Must Read! New and Old Members. Then, post an application within that forum, using the format explained within the 'Start Here' thread. You should also follow through with the MAUL Identification process so thoughtfully explained there.

Once you have posted your app, try and remain active. After around 2-7 days, your app will be processed and assuming you are not a hacker, you will be allowed to wear the =(e)= tag, for you will be a member. After a time of activity, on a combination of either Ventrilo, Forums or Server, you could be promoted to =(eG)= and =(eGO)= with a chance to win awards as you progress.

If you have any questions, please ask.

EDIT: Oh, and just to clarify, please don't wear the clan tags until after you have been accepted into the clan.


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^ Exactly, the app processing never takes that long, usually 10-15 mins bc of our great staff lol. Hope you get it all worked out.