Rate my Sigs


First one: Simple Background, Bad choice of font
Second one: Very Nice Background, bad color choice, bad choice of font


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1st sig. 5/10
2nd sig. 6.5/10
It's really hard to see the words in the first signature. Maybe change the color.
For the second, I like the design of the background but try some different font or color that would suit it more.
Keep up the good work and maybe try put some pictures in instead of just words.



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both are pretty simple and look like you just slapped a font onto a pre-made background. I'd suggest blending colors and making a background using gradient if your new.

Good luck!


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Okay thx for the advices! I haven't been doing this for very long so im still finding new features and stuff. Btw, whats the best size for a signature? x & y?
Thx :)