I turned 17 thursday!


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July, 23, 1993 was the beginning of the end, I was born. Now im 17, unfortunately the real fun doesn't start until December 12, 2012........


Well im happy and upset, A: I'm one year older B: I'm not 18 yet and I'm still stuck in my house.
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get rid of the "tg" & replace them with "d" & u have it. anyways, rukus, instead of whining bout wanting to get outta there, think of it as getting an extra year to get yourself ready for the "big bad world of business" because thats exactly what it is. do you know what your gonna do once your 18 & possibly leave your parents place? do you have a job already? if so have you been saving up? you need to take these kinda things into consideration. my dad taught me this stuff, but unfortunately i was very foolish & didnt take his words of advice to heart. now i painfully regret not doing it. im now 28 & still living w/ my dad due to poor choices from my past. thank goodness im now getting back on the band wagon (as they call it) & getting my act straight & getting my life in order.

all im sayin is get ready for what is to come a year from now. thats all.

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Lol. Enjoy your parents while you still can. Love them unconditionally. Hope it is fun being 17. :)