Time for college. :O


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Starting mid-august I shall be attending New Mexico State Uni for games design.

Just lettin' you guys know I'll be mildly inactive right now getting ready then I'll only be on during weekends and late afternoons.

Try not to miss me. :)


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Have fun, Youll probably have a bit more free time then you are thinking but if you dont, see you on the weekends!


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omg college is starting soon, dont remind me! lol i need to look up my classes and start looking for books....not ill wait till 2 weeks after class like i always do XD


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Oh D=, but game design? that sounds fun :) I want to be coder, anyway.
Bleh I just entered High School >_>


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Eh yeah.

Going into the entire games design field.

the first year I have pre-reqs I gotta do so I'll be a bit busy.
Around the end of this year I'll have plenty of free time.