alright im back


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Hey guys sorry i havent been on in awhile. Been having to work on my roof which is an underground house or what maybe some people call a Earth House. Saturday night when i was working my dad came out fell into a hole and he broke 2 tiny bones in his knee. At first we thought he pulled a ligament. But things are calming down so i should be back to my regular game play. See you all in the servers.



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Sorry about your Dad and the roof. Post some pictures of your house if you get a chance. It really sounds cool.


sucks to be you with a lot of that runoff? is that better
I am sure most factor that into their design. Maybe... "Sucks to be you in a downpour when the gutters are clogged and you are standing directly under it".


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Sound's like you had better hope it dont rain to often, or you might be living in a swimming pool. Hope your dad is comfortable, I know how it feel's after a fall, it can hurt.