Starcraft 2


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Who is buying it at midnight tonight?
some stores such as best buy, Gamestop, and a few others are having a midnight opening for the game.

Who is all getting it so i know who im up against :)


Pre-ordered mine. It's being shipped as we speak. Hopefully I have it for tomorrow. I'm new to starcraft though, so I am going to need some time to figure things out.

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If you are in a position of management, lock up your geeks or else it's going to be a "blue flu" type thing for the rest of this and next month.


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Starcraft 2 is probably my personal most hyped game of all time. This is the one game that i actually can not wait to have. Now all i have to do is be at game stop 10am tomorrow morning so i can get it!


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Got it at midnight and was too tired went to bed then installed this mourning and played for like 1 min then work :(
Cant wait to play tonight though who wants to do a small lil Opening game play even :) lol

Also post up your account names so i can start adding you guys
Mine is


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yeah i had to wake up early and do stuff, didnt have time to play last night. Started campaign and played 4 missions so far. I really like it XD. Anyways guys you should all post your id's/e-mails so eGO can play SC II together. post here, skattles created a little thread for us
Thanks Soul for posting that for me :)
Lets open up SC2 with a Nuke guys :)
post up your account names !!!! on the link that Soul
posted up.