Valve says sorry for MW2 mix up, gives copies of L4D2 away


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Recently many Steam accounts were VAC banned while playing MW2. What's the catch? They were legit players who did not hack.

After a few posts on the Steam forums Valve went along and checked their system to find out it was an error on Steam's part. Valve unbanned all the wrongly VAC'ed accounts and even gave the players 2 free copies of L4D2, one for themselves and a friend.

Official email sent out by Gabe Newell: Here


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That shows how much Valve appreciates there fan base. Even when caught in the wrong they correct it and give away a free game for the peoples troubles... They rock!

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When I played MW2, I was placed in a hacked lobby, where you instantly reached level 70 in a few kills. Being a legit player, I'm happy I did not have any VAC problems.

Although Valve does rock for what they've done. :)


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I'm sure not ALL the players were legit, so some hackers were given a free game. It seems like 1/3 people in that game hack anyways, so I stay away from it.


Even though valve usually screws things up with their updates they atleast did something that would stop the ones who were banned on MW2 that were legit not to complain to much.


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Can I make a joke about those banned being able to play a quality game now?
Well I'm happy that Valve showed how they respect their users like this. I doubt many developers and publishers will learn from this but at least someone cares.


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Valve is the only game company that would do this. The rest would just go "Meh. Oh well. Their lost"

Ok. Maybe not everyone would, but most would.

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I'm going to take this point and go in a different direction:

VAC actually catches hackers in MW2?

Doesn't catch hackers, but bans innocent players. Working as intended? or they are just trying blanket bans, some of them probably were hackers anyway :p


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I'm going to take this point and go in a different direction:

VAC actually catches hackers in MW2?

I've played the game for a 150 hours and I've encountered 2 hackers, one that pulled off a headshot on me from the other side of Wasteland without actually even seeing me (w/ UMP45) and the other one was using speedhack and sucked at it and got one kill in the match so yeah.. I suppose VAC does work. :)