No more easy kills

I won't be playing for a while because my power supply died on me. It will be at least a week but probably longer as I need to find money for a new one. I am using my mom's computer to write this and I will be reading the forums almost daily.

I hope I can get this thing fixed ASAP so you guys can get more easy kills on me.


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Good luck getting your computer fixed, and yes i would love to start killing you again much more xD!! Hurry back


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Let's hope you find the cash for that new power supply, how long could we possibly last without you? :p Good luck dude, see ya on soon.
I got a 450W non single rail i just took out i don't need. it worked for bc2, but probably won't run any nice graphics cards. that's why i upgraded. Urs if u want it.
Thanks guys. I found the money and will be ordering either today or tomorrow and will be back up and running by Monday at the latest (barring any setbacks).

Stoned, thanks for the offer but I think my video card needs something better.