Get to know each other!? :O


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Hey there. What's up? Cool beans.

Anyways, I'm starting this thread so I can get to know some more people on eGO.
I've been here for like 6 months now, and I have a lot of people on Steam, but I hardly know anyone. -.-

So here we go!

My name's Brandon. I'm from Germany originally, but my parents decided they would rather adopt an android version of Justin Beiber, so they had me shipped to America. Nah, I moved to the US of A at a young age, so yeah.

I spend most of my time playing video games. Like, seriously. If I'm not at college, sleeping, bathing, or hanging out with the fiance, I'm on Steam (since I no longer have an XBox /sadface). Just chillin on the eGO servers. :D

I don't really want to go intot o much "personal" details about my life, seeing as this is a gaming community and not a site like Myspace, I'll leave it at that. :D

So chyeah, tell me some stuff about yourself! Where you come from, some hobbies of yours, and stuff like that. Add me on Steam and/or forums. Have a good time. Post a funny pic and explain why you like it. Iunno, go crazy. I'm just here to get to know some people and rebel in jailbreak. >:D

Peace n love!


Guess I'll contribute. :)

Name's Austin. Born n raised in Arizona. Spend my time, when not a school, playing games, hanging out with friends, and partying.

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Eh. Why not.

I'm Devin and I am 15. An admin on eGO. In CS:S division. Eat a lot. Love to game and party. :)


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My name is Josh.
I'm 18, looking for a job, pretty much running the Tech Talk forum :p, going to college in two quarters, missed the deadline for the next quarter as it was back during school. >.<
I'm a computer hardware enthusiast that is too poor to actually own the hardware. -_-
When I'm not busy hanging out with my (amazing) girlfriend, lurking the tech sub, gaming, I'm either sleeping or eating. :p


My name is Matt.

I am a Digital Media major at Ohio University (video game production). I am from Cincinnati OH. I love to play Airsoft and watch the office. I also like to play in eGO servers on pc games.
Cya around.


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I'm 18 , studying for medicine next year.
I've been playing Insurgency since the game looked like a couple of boxes.
I've started to be a recruiter for eGO since 2/3 months . ! :)
I live in France.
See you soon.
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My name is David
I'm 20 and a criminal justice major at the ever so popular Seton Hall University(check news on the university for the joke). I would like to be a police officer when I get out of college.
I have played on the TF2 servers until steam did an update which made it impossible for me to play well, so now I'm patiently waiting for them to release another update(CS:S got the update, now I just need TF2).
If I'm not on steam I'm probably watching anime.



My name is might find me in path mark or king kullen. Im filled with creamy goodness. Anything else