Cod4SP steamlaunch


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I bought the CoD war pack from the steam sale, and originally the cod4 single player launched just fine. Now, tonight, it says I must have the DVD-rom in order to launch it. Obviously, since it was bought through steam, I don't have a disc for the game. Is there a way to fix it? Perhaps reinstall? But if I reinstall, will I lose my profile, thus rank, etc?

The only thing I know that would have changed it would be downloading and installing of the patch, to try and eliminate a problem (re-update) that I posted before (it seems to have fixed the update problem).

Multiplayer still launches fine.


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Steam should have auto patched it right after it was installed. You can try verifying the games cache, it usually fixes a lot of things. Be sure to turn off Steam In game before playing as well, PB loves to kick for that.


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Re-installing the game shouldn't affect your online rank, as that should be saved to the server. So I wouldn't worry about that so much. Try re-installing it, and that should work it but I'm not sure. :D glad to help out