What Bad Company 2 needs.


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A way for servers to limit classes/weapons. Hate to see two full squads of just snipers in a server... Also hate when people just use the Carl Johnson all game.

Would love to see these two changes... But it would never happen.
^ My same feelings, and probably the feelings of most BC2 HC players. Thorny bushes should damage snipers that try to hide! Wookie eating trees!!!!


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Energy Swords!!!!!!!!!!!!
Or make the the mines harder to see, there's no fun in dropping a dozen of them if they all get shot.


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Fist Punching. So I can run up and punch snipers in the face.
They should also add a death cam so snipers can relive the punch in the face.
It would also be nice if they add a nice soundwave that went with the face punch like
ccccoombo breaker. It will make the kill 10x times better.


:eek: Airplanes would be epic. But, they'd need to make much bigger maps. Damaging bushes would be cool too, and I like the idea of weapon/class limitation. All great ideas. :p We should send this thread to the BF:BC2 developers.


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They need an "OVER NINETHOUSAAAAANNNNNDDDDDD!!!!!" key bind for your soldier to say in the epic moments of battle.

ect ect ect....


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How about fixing the graphical glitch where your gun loses it's red-dot when you pull out the 40mm? Or let's fix the glitch spots on the maps

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What BC2 actually truly needs a special ability, that activates when a wookie takes a shot at you. What happens is when the wookie shoots at you, a towel appears out of nowhere and deflects the bullet which goes straight back at the wookie and blows its head off and detonates and kills any wookies within a 5m radius but leaves any other class alone unless there is an engineer with a gustav or rpg, then the bullet will detonate and kill everyone within a 40mile radius, i.e. big nuke.

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